What Are The Tasks Performed By Rock Breaker?

The rock breakers are generally used to break large rocks and that is called hydraulic hammers. Other than hammers such as backhoe loaders, excavators are used to reduce the oversized rocks and which is hard to reduce the size by a crusher. The hydraulic hammer rocks and boom are two major components of the rock breaker. There are two different types of rock breakers available in the market that are mobile and stationary rock breaker. These are typically placed on a pedestal or slew frame. The rock breakers are used to perform various tasks. Here are some of the tasks that provide to the rock breakers Hydraulic Rock Breaker Chisel.

Rock Mining Without Blasting

The rock breakers are generally used to break primary rock mining in order to reduce time and increase productivity. The Hydraulic Rock breaker Chisel is reducing the load on the primary crusher, thereby, increasing the later output. Thus, there is no need to blast the rock and rock mining without blasting is eco friendly. Also, this is method is fully safe for the site workers as there are no flying rocks in the air.

Secondary Reduction

When the rock is bigger even after blasting the rock mining, the rock breaker helps to reduce the sizes into small. It is because the bigger rock is a very difficult handle by loading equipment or crusher. The secondary reduction is required in such situations.


The rock breakers are also used to perform demolition tasks and are used to break down concrete structures. Other than these tasks, the Hydraulic Rock breaker Chisel is used to other operations such as tunneling, excavating, and trenching. These are the tasks that are performed by the rock breakers. Thus, therefore, make use of them and do the task easier without any troubles.

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