How to get most out of your rock breaker machinery?

The impact of rock breaker deals with the breakage of large rocks into small pieces. It comprises two major segments, a hydraulic hammer, and a boom. Rock breaker effectively crushers the massive objects weighing over 150 tons. This mechanism enhances the productivity level in mines and quarries. Hydraulic rock breaker spare parts as follows;

  • Side rods
  • Nitrogen chamber
  • Main valve
  • Piston
  • Front cap

Tasks of rock breakers:                                     

       Rock breakers are multi-faceted and can be used for;

Construction works – Mostly, it is used in the large scale industries

Demolition work – Mainly applicable to rupturing the tangible structures. Heavy loaders can also be used in the tunneling, excavating and trenching.

Points to remember to get best out of rock breaker:

Greasing the machinery – To extend the life of the machinery

Examine nitrogen pressure – In this case, it is an important aspect to check up the nitrogen levels for work along with the Hydraulic rock breaker spare parts.

Reconditioning rock breaker – Repairing this loader will increase the durability.

Frequent status of a chisel, bushes, and chisel pins should analyze to avoid damage.

Avoiding the usage of rock breaker in broken objects will lead to dysfunctioning the mechanisms.


  • When hydraulic breakers used in primary and secondary breakages, it makes continuous production in quarries.
  • It is more flexible so that it used as a mobile tool.
  • Rock breakers provide higher force so it is suitable for larger construction projects.
  • This machine is more environmentally friendly and it creates less noise.
  • It performs both forward and backward breakages.


In the future, there will be an increased number of members for rock breaking that will lead to industrial upliftments. Inexpensive one which also supplies superior products. The level of productivity also increases because it breaks the large rocks into smaller particles. 

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